MetaRPG: Someone Just Leaked Yuga Labs’ Plan For an Interoperable Gaming Metaverse

Bishal Kumar Chanda

2022 has been a busy year for NFTs, especially for Yuga Labs, the mastermind behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club and its spinoffs. Days after acquiring CryptoPunks and Meebits, the team released a trailer for its upcoming metaverse project, Otherside. Meanwhile, Twitter user @LeonidasNFT shared a Yuga Labs pitch deck that was supposedly leaked. In the long tweet, you can find many juicy details on Yuga Lab’s current positioning, collaborations, events, direction, etc. Going by the pitch deck, Yuga Lab’s key focus is to build something that expands the BAYC metaverse. So how is the BAYC creator going to achieve that? Their solution is a meta role-playing game or MetaRPG. 

Yuga Lab’s MetaRPG

At present, thousands of NFT and metaverse projects are operating independently, using different methods and strategies. Yuga Labs has identified various flaws in the current NFT space. If this continues, the virtual world will keep getting even more fragmented, defeating the whole point of a metaverse. 

In every industry, there are multiple strong communities that have banded together for decades. One of the best examples is the gaming industry. Throughout the years, games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and World of Warcraft (WoW) have built communities that are fun to be a part of. According to the leak, Yuga Labs is evidently trying to integrate this approach into their MetaRPG. Instead of the “siloed’ course, the team is trying to develop a common direction for the NFT and metaverse space.

Assuming that the leaked pitch deck is legit, Yuga Labs plans to build a unique gaming experience where it is possible to use your own NFT characters as in-game assets. In addition, the company is also planning to release a software development kit to help creators and developers to build NFTs for any community. Furthermore, Yuga Labs has already established a strong position within the NFT space. Expanding the BAYC metaverse with MetaRPG will create an infinite ecosystem with new characters, new digital wearables, and new games.

Upcoming Yuga Labs Project Details

Yuga Lab’s latest Otherside teaser showed a glimpse of the new project, leaving the NFT community in a frenzy. However, the leaked pitch deck contains screenshots from the teaser video, giving the explanations the community is begging to know. 

The new game will feature 200k land plots, half of which will be allocated to the Genesis drop. About 30k land plots would be airdropped to BAYC and MAYC NFT holders, whereas the remaining land will go for public sale. In addition, every plot of land will contain some random resources like rare artifacts or even a Koda. As there are 10,000 Kodas compared to 200k land plots, only 5% of the landowners can get them. 

Ultimately, the leaked pitch deck includes Otherside’s future roadmap, Yuga Lab’s strategic investments for 2022, and a brief financial report. Assuming that the pitch deck is real, NFT enthusiasts can capitalize on the extensive insider information into a leading NFT project. NiftyHype will keep you updated with more such hot NFT news. Follow us on Twitter to never miss an NFT update.

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