MetaMundo Becomes The Metaverse’s First 3D NFT Marketplace

Ayush Pande

Based in Amsterdam, MetaMundo is the first ever marketplace on the metaverse to support the trading of 3D assets as NFTs. 

What is MetaMundo?

MetaMundo is a new marketplace that allows 3D architects and artists to buy, sell, trade, and license their 3D models as NFTs to metaverse users.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, MetaMundo aims to empower 3D artists to create an open metaverse using their unique experiences. The platform is backed by several big-name NFT companies, including Ascensive Assets and Polygon Studios, and successfully raised $2.7M in seed funding last year.

MetaMundo features two NFT drops: Dutchtide’s Zen Art Garden and metaEstates_VILLA.

Dropping on July 27, the Zen Art Garden is the first NFT of the Tide Estates series. It consists of a single 3D model of a unique Japanese home with a reserve price of 0.8 ETH.

metaEstates_VILLA is a collection of 100 NFTs created as a collaboration between Luis Fernandez and THE LINE that feature an interactive 3D model of a luxurious ocean-adjacent villa. The collection will drop on August 8 and has a reserve price of 0.5 ETH. 

Interoperable 3D NFTs

The 3D assets sold as NFTs on MetaMundo will be interoperable with popular metaverse environments Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, VRChat, and Spatial. Using MetaMundo's marketplace, Metaverse users can purchase luxury villas, galleries, 3D avatars, and other creations directly from 3D artists. 

Moreover, the Co-founder of MetaMundo, Finn Hansen, states that the platform solves the lack of interoperability of NFTs thanks to its unique architecture and that the platform will add more future-proofing features as 3D technology evolves.

How Can I Mint My 3D NFTs on MetaMundo?

MetaMundo allows users to be a part of their creator community by filling out an application form available on this link. The MetaMundo Creator Application Form requires you to input your name, email address, portfolio, etc., and the team will contact you shortly after going through your details.

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