Meme Tokens Platform HOKK Finance Releases Over 4000 Utility NFTs

Gaurav Roy

HOKK Finance has released 4,444 utility NFTs, enabling collectors to access the HOKKFi crypto portal, stake their NFTs, and preserve their value using stablecoins.

Founded in 2021, HOKK Finance is a platform that builds decentralized financial products challenging modern banking and empowers people to do more with their money. 

The company is comprised of both investors and customers and provides competitive financial products for them to create the financial freedom they need.

Each NFT minted at HOKK Finance is charged about 0.04 ETH (roughly $140). HOKK Finance is one of the original meme-token companies that is transforming itself into a powerful DeFi 2.0 player. 

Since the NFTs on its platform use a modular framework-based contract, the company can add new features to them over time.

As such, when the regulation and adoption of NFTs increases, an NFT minted now could consist of additional features like traditional banking products and services like loans, stocks, etc., in the future.

The company will launch HOKK Premium, a DeFi aggregator enabling users to spread their ETH, earn, and yield. 

The feature, which the company will launch at the end of this month, aims to approach private equity funds, capital groups, and family offices that are looking to experiment with Ethereum.

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