McDonald's Italy Enters The NFT Space With Triple Cheeseburger NFT Contest

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Earlier this year, the NFT community sniffed McDonald's intention of building a virtual restaurant in the metaverse and deep-diving into the world of NFTs. Once again, McDonald's is entering the NFT world to celebrate the launch of its Triple Cheeseburger in its stores across Italy. Customers stand a chance to win one of the NFT collectibles by purchasing a Triple Cheeseburger on the McDonald's app from March 12th to April 5th. After ordering, you can instantly find out if you have won by entering the receipt code on the website.

To collect McDonald's NFTs, winners must own a digital wallet. After winning, it is up to them if they want to hold it or sell it. In the coming days, McDonald's will make this NFT collection available on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. So, while this competition is limited to Italy, people from around the globe can buy them on the secondary market.

McDonald's Italy marketing director Raffaele Daloiso explained, "We wanted to celebrate our iconic sandwich with something that would last over time, that could be preserved, like a memory but digital."

With the debut of this new burger, the fast-food giant has partnered with three young Italian artists to highlight the promotion. The trio includes calligrams specialist Daniele Tozzi, illustrator Serena Gianoli, and designer Nicola Laurora. The artists have come up with 100 NFT copies each, curating 300 NFT collectibles that McDonald's lovers can win. Apparently, the rapper Ghali helped McDonald's find these talented digital artists.

Having done numerous collaborations with McDonald's, Ghali said, "In this way, McDonald's is democratizing the art world bringing it closer to the youngest: it is a path that I personally support and of which I am really proud."

Although it's the first McDonald's NFT drop in Italy, it's not the first for the global brand. In October, McDonald's China launched a Big Mac NFT collection. Following the success in China, McDonald's USA hosted a Twitter competition for its McRib NFT. It's still unclear how the iconic fast-food chain will utilize NFTs next. But from the success of their recent NFT marketing campaigns, it won't be long before we witness a global launch. 

Also, the fast-food brand is running a worldwide logistic operation. As we all know, blockchain technology and smart contracts are highly effective in this area. Indicating that McDonald's may choose to utilize NFTs in logistics in the future. Thanks to the rise of Web3, it is now possible to have an unalterable and traceable supply chain from start to finish. 

NFTs are known for disrupting whatever industry they are adopted in, and it has the potential to change the world one day. This NFT collection is just a start for McDonald's. Follow NiftyHype for more such handpicked NFT updates!

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