Madonna's New NFT Release - Giving Birth to a Tree, Butterflies, and Centipedes

Bishal Kumar Chanda

After a year's work, Madonna and Beeple released the Mother of Creation, a provocative NFT collection, on curated NFT marketplace SuperRare. The works feature animations of a fully nude Madonna, exploring the concepts of creation, motherhood, and birth from darkness and light. 

The Mother of Creation Showcases Madonna Giving Birth

The Mother of Creation is a year-long collaboration between Madonna and Beeple. In fact, it showcases the representation of three different forms of birth. The one-minute animations depict Madonna's Barbie-like body giving birth to a tree in a lab, butterflies in a post-apocalyptic city, and mechanical centipedes in a beautiful forest.

The First Series - Mother of Nature

The first animation of the triptych is set inside a cold laboratory with no signs of life. Furthermore, a close-up of Madonna's digital vagina gives way to a branch transforming into an entire tree. 

Mother of Nature NFT series by Madonna and Beeple.

While the tree continues to recreate and flourish, we can hear Madonna's off-voice racing her own poetry.

The Second Series - Mother of Evolution

The second animation alludes to the metamorphosis of butterflies, one of nature's most beautiful creations depicting hope. The butterflies represent the paradox that there are still signs of life in a burnt-down world.  

Mother of Evolution NFT series by Madonna and Beeple.

It relays a vital message that it will never happen if you wait for a perfect life before creating art. Moreover, the video features lyrics from Madonna's iconic song Justify My Love and Igor Bardykin's original music.

The Final Series - Mother of Technology

The triptych's third and last animation takes place in a beautiful forest. Furthermore, it depicts Madonna giving birth to a swarm of centipedes in the lush forest while being naked. 

Mother of Technology NFT series by Madonna and Beeple.

The centipede represents technology, alluding to both the life-giving force and the dangers it poses, juxtaposing dark and light. While we can do anything with technology, there are consequences. Also, the work features Rumi's poetry. 

Meanwhile, Madonna stated in an Instagram video that all proceeds from her NFT sales would go to three charities: The Voices of Children Foundation, The City of Joy, and Black Mama's Bail Out. Moreover, Madonna and Beeple picked these charities to further their mission of supporting mothers worldwide. 

Final Say

Madonna has been a cultural icon for nearly 40 years, and she is familiar with marrying sexuality, entertainment, and business. Meanwhile, Beeple is the person who single-handedly brought NFTs to attention with his $69 million sales last November. Therefore, a collaboration between the two makes a lot of sense in theory. 

However, the online world, especially the NFT community, criticizes Madonna for the sexually graphic NFTs. Furthermore, according to artnet, the "works are upsetting because the animation of Madonna herself looks so dead."

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