Lamborghini's New NFT Project Launch: Space Time Memory

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Earlier this year, the famous Italian manufacturer of sports cars announced the launch of its own NFT project, Space Time Memory. Made in collaboration with Fabian Oefner, Space Time Memories comprises five photographs of a Lamborghini Ultimae taking off to the stars. The individual photographs are created from actual elements by capturing more than 1,500 car parts. Along with Fabian and his team, it took two months of effort to capture all the images in a single moment on the blockchain. 

"For me, Space Time Memory is an analogy to the memories we make in life," says the Swiss artist Fabian Oefner. "Memories are rooted in the physical world; we make them in reality. We then store them in our brains, in what could be considered the digital world." 

Lamborghini made the digital artwork accessible through a QR code embedded in five Space Keys. The Space keys are physical objects with carbon fiber elements sent to the International space station in a joint research project with Lamborghini. The auction for Space Time Memories took place at NFT PRO and Sotheby's auction house, starting from February 1 and continuing until February 4. The auction lasted for 75 hours and 50 minutes, which is the same amount of time that Apollo 11 took in leaving Earth and entering the moon's orbit.

It turns out that Space Time Memory is not the first NFT project by Lamborghini. On September 25 last year, Lamborghini launched its first official NFT on the Elysium Bridge platform. The auction was announced by Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum owners, dedicating the NFTs to the rich history of the Italian luxury car brand. The first Lamborghini NFTs were created by talented digital artists such as Emanuele Dascanio, Maciej Kuciara, Giovanni Motta and Matteo Mauro.

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