Kryptomon: Stage 1 Launch of Play-To-Earn NFT Game

Bishal Kumar Chanda

In 2021, NFTs became so popular that they found their way into most traditional industries like art, music, sports, and many more. However, the gaming industry has been affected by NFTs the most among all the industries. Play-to-earn games struck the right chord of gamers who always dreamt of earning money just by playing video games with its monetization models. Kryptomon is a play-to-earn blockchain game that looks like a mixture of Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and CryptoKitties. It is the first blockchain project to create a living NFT, where owners can breed, care for, and train their Kryptomons. 

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The official launch of Kryptomon’s first stage came just after the successful genesis NFT egg sale on the Binance NFT marketplace. Kryptomon’s debut egg sale was in November 2021, where 2000 NFT eggs sold out in under 1 second! It generated $180,000 in sales and was one of the fastest NFT sales in the history of the Binance NFT marketplace. This year on February 8, Kryptomon launched its second sale with 2,500 NFT eggs generating $273,500 in sales. The eggs sold out in under 1 second this time as well, setting another benchmark for the play-to-earn game project.

Kryptomon brings together the core design concept behind games like Pokemon and Tamagotchi into the new era of blockchain gaming. The team is trying to build a metaverse of collectible virtual monsters living NFTs with features generated from a digital genetic code of 38 random parameters. The platform also conducts augmented reality treasure hunts every month on the full moon day. In the events, players get to go on real-world quests for in-game loot boxes, consumables, and Kryptomon eggs.

As a part of the stage 1 launch, players receive valuable loot boxes with useful consumables and training cards for their Kyptomons. With Krptomons a player holds, more loot boxes will be received daily. With the release of a full-fledged combat system in stage 2, the consumables will help feed and train the Kryptomons. Like a living creature, players need to take care of their Kryptomons regularly; else, they will freeze. However, after paying a fee, the frozen Kryptomons can be unfrozen and then be used again.

Starting February 15, players can now breed their Kryptomons and sell the produced eggs in one of the seven partnered NFT marketplaces. Kryptomons also released its play-to-earn model on the same day, where players can earn $KMON tokens and NFTs while enjoying the game. It is also the first game on the blockchain to incorporate a “walk-to-earn” model to earn $KMON, NFTs, in-game items, and various new features. Overall, the game looks entertaining, and you might as well try it out to gain first-hand experience. 

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