Is 2022 The New Beginning For Axie Infinity?

Bishal Kumar Chanda

It is impossible to miss out on Axie Infinity when discussing NFT gaming. Axie Infinity was the most significant blockchain gaming success of 2021, and there is more to witness in 2022. Axie Infinity is an NFT trading game where players can collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade NFT creatures called “Axies.” With the rapidly growing crypto gaming industry, it becomes crucial to keep up with the demands of millions of players and investors. Sky Mavis, the developer team behind Axie Infinity, understands this and has some exciting plans lined up for some radical changes.

On last new year’s eve, we got to see a new teaser video for land gameplay under Project K. You must have noticed in the trailer and Land Dev Journal that Sky Mavis has implemented various unique elements in the game. These new game elements will also allow players to interact and participate in multiple social events. New developers are also being actively added to the Sky Mavis team for improving the design, mechanics, and gameplay of the upcoming game.

Axie Land gameplay is expected to release in three phases. We do not have an exact date, but the best estimate would be sometime in early 2022. With the upcoming update, players can collect different resources for upgrading both Axies and Lands. In this play-to-earn NFT game, players will get rewarded with AXS, Axie Infinity governance token, and additional resources. Players will also receive AXS on their land plots over time. 2021 was undoubtedly a golden time for Axie Infinity as it made NFT gaming famous globally. In a few developing countries, Axie Infinity also has been a source of income for many families. Those who got in early in the game, whether as a player or investor, have made significant profits. The Axie Infinity land gameplay release is another such opportunity to make big bank.

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