Idriss B Taking Art To The Future With His New NFTs

Bishal Kumar Chanda

In recent months, the United Arab Emirates has been sprinkled around with larger-than-life animal statues. You can find these 3D polygon sculptures in several famous places like Four Seasons, Jumeira, or in front of the Burj Al-Arab. The unique-looking sculptures are the brainchild of Dubai-based artist Idriss B, who recently relocated to the UAE. In December 2021, the Tunisian-French artist launched his NFT art collection called “Polyverse Art” on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of 11,000 digital sculptures of different animals, each having a unique name and distinct traits.

Idriss B told the Arab News that he looks at NFTs as the future of art, so he tried to portray that in his digital sculptures. NFTs have been a blessing to renowned artists like Idriss B, and the art industry readily embraces this new technology. If you buy one of Idriss B’s digital art NFTs, you will also receive a physical piece of art. In addition, you will also receive perks like exclusive access to private concerts, NBA games, gallery openings, and fashion shows, as stated on Idriss B’s website

A growing number of artists like Idriss B are embracing digital art NFTs. Even some major auction houses and international art galleries encourage the selling and trading of art NFTs. Artists stand to benefit a lot from launching their own NFTs, but there are many benefits for the crypto enthusiast. If you buy NFTs, most of them come with many perks, such as exclusive giveaways and interactive experiences. Last year we saw NFT artist Beeple sell an NFT of his artwork “Everydays - The First 5000 Days” at $69 million. Like Beeple and Idriss B, many artists can connect with thousands of people and let them experience being a part of something bigger through NFTs.

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