ICOA Rolls Out The Beta Version Of Its NFT Marketplace

Ayush Pande

Nevada-based blockchain company ICOA announced the beta launch of its upcoming NFT marketplace on August 8. Termed Symbiosis, the platform is a community-driven collaborative environment for NFT artists.

A Creative, Community Driven Hub

Symbiosis aims to provide a platform where artists, aficionados, and collectors from different parts of the world can interact to buy, sell and collect NFTs.

True to its name, the platform will allow multiple digital artists to collaborate to create unique digital art pieces and store them as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

More than one artist can work on the same NFT file; one artist can list a digital artwork while another can add to it to build on each other’s creative talents.

Moreover, Symbiosis seeks a wide range of creative artists such as photographers, writers, painters, and musicians to join their community. Symbiosis allows artists to join their platform by submitting a form via this link.

Symbiosis’ Beta Launch NFTs 

Fifteen musicians will drop their NFT collections over a few weeks, kicking off with an “intro decline” starting August 8. The decline will feature the works of Guari Black, Ian Sndrz, and Pavel Ramcas, among others.

Symbiosis claims the platform supports a wide range of file types, including 3D models. Currently, the beta version of Symbiosis only supports the MetaMask wallet.

The platform takes a 10-25% commission from NFT trades and provides the artist a 5-10% royalty on the secondary sale of their NFTs. 

Furthermore, Symbiosis doesn’t charge any transaction fees; only a gas fee may be levied upon minting or buying an NFT.

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