Hugo Boss To Release NFTs And 360-Degree Metaverse Experience

Ayush Pande
Miah Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Hugo Boss’ Global Marketing & Brand Communications, said, “The metaverse is an exciting new space for fashion brands, one that is rich with potential for HUGO. We are excited to partner with Imaginary Ones to deliver an NFT collection of beautiful 3D assets.”

Luxury fashion house Hugo Boss will collaborate with Web3 firm Imaginary Ones to launch its debut NFT collection, titled “Embrace Your Emotions.”

Embrace Your Emotions (EYE) is a collection of 1,001 3D NFT animations, featuring five characters that represent basic human emotions. These are love, anger, joy, sadness, and fear. The project seeks to spread the message of self-acceptance and being true to oneself.

As per Imaginary Ones’ statement,

“The aim of the collection is to encourage everyone to connect with their emotions, and to share a message that all feelings – positive and negative – are valid and should be embraced”

A special character that displays all five emotions will be auctioned on World Mental Health Day, October 10. The proceeds from its sale will be sent to Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM), a program tasked with promoting the importance of mental well-being.

Currently, this NFT collection has 1K spots available on the whitelist. 

Out of these, 500 will be reserved for buyers of a limited edition "physi-digital" T-shirt. Each shirt will have a QR code that will allow its buyers to create AR effects on Snapchat Lens. 

The remaining 500 spots will be reserved for holders of Imaginary Ones’ OG collection. 

Additionally, the two firms will launch a 360-degree metaverse experience. Neither company has shed light on what it is supposed to be, with NFT fans speculating the metaverse experience may feature AR capabilities.

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