How Goblintown is Rising in The Falling NFT Market

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Amid the broader market downturn, an ugly mess of an NFT collection has been on fire recently - Goblintown. All 10,000 of its freely minted NFTs entered the NFT market in just a few short days. At the time of writing, the Goblintown NFT project is sporting a floor price of 2.9 ETH.

Apart from these, there is currently not much known about the project. That aside, let us guide you through everything you need to know about the Goblintown NFT project. 

Goblintown - What’s All The Fuss About?

The Goblintown NFT project takes its name from a cryptic term referring to the bearish conditions of the crypto market. In the NFT market downturn, Goblintown can be seen as an elaborate commentary on the current state of NFTs

Goblintown floor price skyrockets. Credit: OpenSea.

Moreover, Goblintown’s anonymous creators have been upfront about the project’s nature, despite ongoing debates on the utility of NFTs. Goblintown’s website reads, “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. CC0.” Also, all Goblintown NFTs are registered under creative commons. Thus, there are copyrights reserved, and buyers can commercialize their goblin NFTs in whatever way they want. 

Who Created Goblintown?

No one knows yet who greeted the generative PFP NFT project, and on the surface, no one seems to care. However, this has not prevented the Twitter community from speculating who could have been behind the Goblintown NFT project. 

Twitter user speculates Mike Judge to be behind Goblintown.

Meanwhile, observers pointed out that the overall quality is quite high despite the crass representation. Therefore, this led to theories that Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge might be involved with the project. 

Although Judge has previously shown interest in NFTs, this claim comes from pure speculation. Regardless, there are some similarities between Goblintown and Judge’s previous work.

Also, in a recent Twitter Space hosted on May 26, guests were subject to various speakers making goblin noises for nearly three hours. In fact, this can be further proof of Judge’s involvement with similar noises in iconic bits on Beavis and Butthead.

Is Goblintown made by Bored Ape Yacht Club Creator Yuga Labs?

Some even argued that Goblin town has ties with the well known Bored Ape Yacht Club. However, BAYC Discord moderators have repeatedly denied the connection. 

Anonymity - A Double-Edged Sword

But why is everyone so fixated on finding out the creator behind Goblintown? With projects as big as Azuki facing backlash due to its recently unearthed history, the community is wary of anonymity. 

NFT Twitter surprised of Goblintown's success.

Despite the current popularity of the project, verifying the creator’s identity is crucial for the project’s long-term value. However, in the early stages of Goblintown, one thing is apparent - the power of vitality. With no proper marketing plan, partnerships, or affiliations, Goblintown has still made a great mark in the NFT community. 

Closing Thoughts

With the rapidly rising floor prices, free licensing agreements, and strong community support, observers believe in Goblintown’s massive potential. Making an actual community that may far outlive Goblintown’s relevance is the mark of a successful project. In fact, Goblintown can very well be the next blue-chip NFT project that is unfolding right before our eyes.

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