Hacktivist Group Anonymous To Investigate BAYC

Ayush Pande

The international hacker group, Anonymous, intends to look into the various conspiracy theories surrounding the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

Accusations Against Bored Apes

The accusations against BAYC began in January when Twitter user Ryder Ripps claimed the collection was coded neo-Nazi propaganda. He further stated that the firm behind BAYC, Yuga Labs, actually refers to “Kali Yuga": a dark age of strife, sin, and conflict. 

Since then, the BAYC collection has been subjected to numerous accusations and conspiracy theories, with some accusing the NFTs of spreading racism, simianism, and occultism.  

Yuga Labs, however, has denied all these accusations. Gordon Goner, the co-founder of BAYC, released a letter hoping to curb the slander against the NFT collection once and for all. The letter contained details of the project's conception and how the BAYC NFTs are not affiliated with Nazi propaganda in any manner, stating, “We woke up this morning to a podcaster we respect talking about this conspiracy theory and that was pretty surreal. Made us feel like it was time to come out and put an end to all this.”

Anonymous Investigates Apes

The accusations caught the eyes of Anonymous, the hacktivist group responsible for gaining access to over 1.1M emails from ALET and hacking the Central Bank of Russia to leak 28GBs of data earlier this year.    

As a result, Anonymous released a video addressing the accusations against BAYC. Calling it a “friendly message” to the BAYC community, Anonymous reveals that after going through official and unofficial responses from the Yuga Labs team, they could not find evidence of the claims being undisputed. 

Therefore, the hacking group announced its plans to look into the heinous crimes that the NFT collection is accused of. Anonymous further states that due to new accusations surfacing on a daily basis, the investigation may take several months.


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