Hacker Steals Proceeds From Bill Murray’s NFT Auction

Ayush Pande
Resig, CEO of theChive, states, “Given the nature of this theft, we decided not to sweep this under the rug. We need to be as transparent as possible about what happened.”

A hacker drained most of the proceeds from Bill Murray’s Ethereum wallet hours after the completion of the "Beer With Bill Murray" NFT's auction.

Stolen Funds Were Raised For Charity

On August 31, the Beer With Bill Murray NFT was sold for $185K in an auction hosted on Coinbase, with its proceeds meant to be donated to the “Chives Charity” initiative. However, hours after its sale, a hacker stole 109 wETH by making two unauthorized transactions on the Ethereum wallet tied to Bill Murray.

Moreover, the perpetrator tried to steal the 800 NFTs from the Bill Murray 1000 collection, but their attempts were thwarted by the Project Venkman team, who promptly ran a script to move the NFTs to safehouse wallets.

In response, Murray backed the website, theChive filed a police report, and informed Coinbase about the theft. Additionally, theChive enlisted Chainanalysis to conduct investigations into the hack.

109 wETH Stolen In A Seedphase Compromise

On-chain analyst, OKHotshot revealed that the hacker sent the funds to Binance by swapping them through 1inch and transferring them 0xada. They further state that the 0xada wallet was funded by Coinbase and Ronin Bridge, and theorize that the perpetrator is a U.S. resident as they did not use Tornado Cash to launder the funds.

Lastly, a runner-up bidder, mishap72, placed a new bid at 120 ETH ($188K) on Coinbase’s NFT marketplace to replace the stolen funds.

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