GERMS Launches We Are SG Collection On National Singapore Day

Ayush Pande

Marketing consultancy agency GERMS reveals its plans to drop the We Are SG collection on August 9, on account of National Singapore Day. GERMS plans to reach new audiences via this project by partnering up with Salmon Samurai, The Secret Mermaid, Hip Jeong Photo Studio, and other Singaporean companies.

An NFT Collection For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans

We Are SG is a collection of 9822 NFT artworks that feature elements and traits from everyday folks. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the We Are SG series has its pre-mint scheduled for August 8, with a public launch on August 9. 222 NFTs will be reserved for GERMS' team and collaborators, and 300 whitelist spots will be available until the pre-launch through community engagement on social media platforms.

The collection is free to mint, with only a gas fee levied when you mint the NFTs. Only 1 NFT per transaction can be minted, and the NFTs will be available for purchase on OpenSea’s secondary market once the minting process finishes. 

How Do I Mint These NFTs? 

We Are SG collection requires you to use a MetaMask wallet to mint your NFTs. After connecting your MetaMask wallet to its official website, you can click on the Mint button and pay the gas fee. Afterward, connect your OpenSea wallet, and the artwork will be revealed on August 12 after you refresh your wallet's metadata.

Benefits Of Owning A We Are SG NFT 

Holders of We Are SG NFTs will gain access to various perks and benefits. These include exclusive experiences such as special courses, merchandise, and limited product drops from the collaborators of this project. 

Furthermore, owners of these NFTs will also gain access to priority events and future collaborations with Singaporean artists, personalities, and fashion designers.

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