GameBlocks: Converting Any Game Into A Blockchain Game

Bishal Kumar Chanda

Since the rise of Axie Infinity in 2021, play-to-earn blockchain games have become the new trend. The business model is rapidly shifting from free-to-play games, monetized by advertisements and in-game purchases, to play-to-earn games that encourage player ownership of in-game assets.

As time goes by, players are demanding more realistic and borderless digital worlds in virtual and augmented reality. But today's game developers and companies rarely have the technical ability to combine game engines and core loops with Web 3.0. This tremendous technological problem needs to be addressed to adapt better to the evolving game market. 

GameBlocks aim at solving this problem by coming up with a Gaming Backend as a Service (GBaaS). They are trying to provide an API that can seamlessly convert mainstream games into blockchain games. T

Today, we can find blockchain and NFT games across many chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Algorand, Terra, Solana, and many more. To support development in any chain, GameBlocks will be as chain agnostic as they can be.

Many mainstream game developers and companies want to enter the blockchain game market. GameBlock can help these game developers translate their traditional games into blockchain games.

Blockchain gaming has an enormous community, but it is still considered in its infancy. Although there is such excellent market demand, the gameplay of most blockchain games can not compare to that of traditional games.

For the blockchain gaming industry to reach its maximum potential, tools are needed to reduce the entry barrier for developers and game studios. GameBlocks has started its development to provide an optimal solution to facilitate the growth of blockchain games.

GameBlocks' roadmap reveals that it is for a beta launch by early February 2022. They have also extended the early access of their beta program to all developers and game studios. 

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