FIFA+ Collect Releases "Genesis Drop" NFT Collectibles

Ayush Pande
According to FIFA+ Collect's website, "As part of FIFA's mission to make football global, accessible and inclusive in all aspects, these collections and others will provide an affordable way for fans around the world to participate in this new era of fandom."

The International Federation of Association Football released the Genesis Drop on FIFA+ Collect a month before the kickoff of World Cup 2022.

FIFA's Inaugural Genesis Drop

The Genesis Drop consists of 532,980 NFTs featuring highlights from the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women's World Cup. The NFTs are available in four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Iconic, and showcase football goals scored by players from 39 countries.

Each pack costs $4.99 and includes three randomly selected highlights. Currently, users can only add funds to their FIFA+ Collect accounts using VISA/Mastercard or USDC-A.

NFTs On An Algorand-Based Marketplace

The international governing body of football released its NFT marketplace on September 22 to provide a new medium of interaction for football aficionados.

The FIFA+ Collect marketplace, based on the Algorand Network, will allow fans to own digital collectibles that feature iconic moments from the World Cup. FIFA will release its albums as NFTs on a regular basis. The FIFA Fresh Albums will include footage from the association's 92 years' worth of archives.

Additionally, FIFA will also release a secondary marketplace soon, and new accounts will have to wait for two weeks before they can begin trading on it.

FIFA+ Collect Plagued By Bugs

Despite receiving a positive reception from the community, many users were unable to purchase the NFT packs due to bugs. In response, the FIFA+ Connect team put the website under maintenance, citing,

"We're trying to provide the best experience possible, which is the reason for the maintenance. Once our site is back up, you'll be able to make an account and purchase a pack."

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