FC Barcelona Reveal Plans For Metaverse and an NFT Collection

Bishal Kumar Chanda

During a speech at the Mobile World Congress, club president Joan Laporta announced the intention to integrate a Barcelona metaverse and NFTs. FC Barcelona has undergone some public financial difficulties in the last few years. Last season they even lost Lionel Messi, their most outstanding player and arguably the best player in football history. The move will excite football fans and help overcome the ongoing financial crisis of the club. 

As one of the biggest football clubs, FC Barcelona has millions of fans globally. A trip to their stadium, Camp Nou, is considered a football pilgrimage. Every year fans travel there to see the 99,000- capacity stadium in its full glory. The famous Californian football team now embraces virtual and augmented realities for better fan experiences. With restricted worldwide travel access during the pandemic, this move has proven to be a great success.  

Entering the NFT and Metaverse space, the club has added a few new clauses in the players’ contracts, becoming the first club to do so. Last year, FC Barcelona even gave hints on launching an NFT collection through Ownix to better connect with their global fan base. With an Australia-based digital artist BossLogic, Lionel Messi has also launched his own NFT collection under the name of “Messiverse”. 

Financial rewards aside, FC Barcelona and many international brands are looking into NFTs and the metaverse for connecting with the audience better. FC Barcelona has been “More than a Club,” owned by members and fans instead of any single entity. The adoption of blockchain technology can further unite the fans with the team. Following FC Barcelona, it is easy to predict that other football clubs will soon follow suit. Make sure to follow NiftyHype on Twitter for more such trending NFT news!

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