Don't Miss The New NFT Drop From the Italian Artist Andrea Crespi

Bishal Kumar Chanda

The Genesis 69 is the first limited edition NFT collection by the innovative artist Andrea Crespi. The Italian visual artist is known for continuous innovation in different media and themes. Andrea started his journey in art at a very young age as an independent self-taught artist. The artist has a lot of experience in social transformations, optical illusions, and the digital revolution. He has been proficiently materializing these concepts with contemporary cultural changes. His notable collaborations include the Leopold Museum in Vienna and famous luxury brands like Bulgari and Vogue

Andrea entered the NFT space at the start of 2021 when the industry was climbing to its pinnacle. During the year, he released four unique art pieces and became known as "a young promise" that could make his name in the world of digital art. He stated his views on NFTs as, "I do believe we are in front of an artistic revolution. I see NFTs as a powerful vector able to carry important messages that can make nowadays society values reconsidered and cherished for future generations."

Andrea is reported to be working hard on Genesis 69, consisting of digital artworks inspired by the world of NFTs. The Genesis 69 project is unique, and it stands out from most collectibles available in the bustling NFT economy. It is a collection full of meaning that revolves around the three pillars of art, culture and sexuality. Every NFT in the collection is unique and is a reinterpretation of the 64 positions of the Kamasutra. Genesis 69 has Andrea's special artistic touch, which is very distinguishable and has secured him important collaborations in both NFT and the traditional art world. 

Every Genesis 69 NFT comes with a token attached to it that gives its owner access to some important utilities. As a buyer, you will be a part of an exclusive community of collectors, have access to member-only talks and have a possibility of getting whitelisted for future NFT drops. If you are lucky, along with the NFT collectibles, you can also win a digital frame or one of the artist's hand-painted physical pieces. The collection has only 69 collectibles with great initial hype. The presale sold out very fast, and there are only a few spots on the whitelist that will close this Sunday. Public sales are dated February 22, and this is the perfect time to reserve yourself a whitelist spot. 

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