Digital Assets Exchange Platform Zipmex to Apply for NFT License & Launch a Crypto Visa Card

Gaurav Roy

Zipmex Thailand is in the process of launching a crypto Visa debit card and also plans to apply for a license for its NFT trading platform in 2022. The Singapore-based digital assets exchange provider has announced a partnership with Visa to launch a payment card.

For this, the company is seeking permission from the Bank of Thailand to launch the crypto Visa card in Thailand, said Proud Limpongpan, chief marketing officer of Zipmex Thailand.

Currently, the service is available through Zipmex Singapore as it has been approved by the market regulator in Singapore. By applying for services in Thailand, the company is looking to expand its business in the digital asset industry.

Zipmex says that its payment program would have access to millions of merchants in the global network of Visa. With this collaboration, the companies also aim to leverage digital assets for payments worldwide. 

The crypto Visa card aims to facilitate crypto holders in using their digital coins as a payment method. Moreover, the service will also allow cardholders to convert their crypto assets into fiat currency and make payments at places where Visa is accepted. The company will share more details about the card later this year when it gets officially rolled out.

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