Coca-Cola Airdrops NFTs To Celebrate Its First Anniversary On The Metaverse

Ayush Pande

Global beverage company Coca-Cola celebrates its one-year anniversary on the metaverse by giving away a new set of NFT collectibles on International Friendship Day.

The International Friendship Day 2022 Collection

Coca-Cola revealed its plans to airdrop a new collection on account of its first anniversary since entering the metaverse. The collection was created in the spirit of the friendships and bonds formed along the way. 

This year’s anniversary NFTs will be airdropped to owners of the original Friendship Loot Box NFTs, Combo Burger Day Collection, and the recently released Pride Collection free of charge starting July 29. The NFTs are based on the bubbles inside a Cola bottle, with connection and unity as their themes. 

Furthermore, after receiving the NFT, owners will be prompted to enter the digital wallet address of the friend with whom they would like to share their International Friendship Day 2022 NFT. On July 30, the NFT would reveal a unique artwork on the owner's and their friend's wallets

Lastly, Coca-Cola claims that it will invite holders of these NFTs to Real Magic experiences, including special access to Coca-Cola Creations and Coke Studio. 

Coca-Cola's Venture Into NFTs

Coca-Cola debuted in the NFT scene in 2021 when it dropped 4000 NFTs as Friendship Loot Box Collection during a Decentraland roof party. Subsequently, it released the Coca-Cola Combo Burger Day Collection on OpenSea’s marketplace on May 28.

Earlier in July, the beverage giant minted a Pride NFT set in collaboration with fashion designer Rich Mnisi, which consisted of 136 rare NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The collection was launched to honor the LGBTQIA+ community, with a price of 335 Matic for each NFT.

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