Cameo CEO Loses NFTs Due To Apple ID Hack

Ayush Pande

With NFT hacks on the rise, Steven Galanis, CEO of video sharing platform Cameo, lost several NFTs, including a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, when his Apple ID was compromised.

BAYC NFT Stolen 

Steven Galanis, aka Mr312, noticed his NFTs were stolen after Bored Ape Bot tweeted about his BAYC NFT being resold. This makes Galanis one of the many high profile users who have had their NFTs stolen and resold with their notice. 

He purchased Bored Ape #9012 seven months ago for 100 ETH. The hacker sold his NFT on OpenSea’s marketplace for 77 ETH. 

Transaction history on OpenSea revealed the user account that received his NFT was DCC10E, who, in turn, sold it to MonroeSaintJames. Unfortunately, the platform confirmed that DCC10E was no longer active after selling Galanis’ NFTs.

After taking the issue to OpenSea, the platform has delisted the NFT to prevent it from being traded.

NFTs And Tokens Stolen After Apple ID Was Hacked

On the same day, Galanis tweeted that he lost other NFTs after getting his Apple ID hack. These include three Otherside NFTs: #66047, #66048, and #9012, one Phanta Bear, and two 11CaptainsClub NFTs. Furthermore, he also lost 9K ApeCoin tokens after the hack.

While the method used by the perpetrator remains largely unknown, Galanis claims his Apple ID being hacked was a contributing factor. Twitter denizens stated that maybe the hacker was able to get their hands on Galani’s seed phase on the iCloud, which they used to hack into his wallet. 

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