Actor Jordi Molla’s MASKS NFT Collection Finally Dropping On 16th January.

Bishal Kumar Chanda

The world is nothing but a stage, and we are all actors playing our part in it. We tend to hide behind different masks throughout our lives depending on what we want others to perceive us as. As much as we want to be true to ourselves, we exist in unique versions in everyone’s mind. Three-time Goya Award nominee Jordi Molla’s new NFT collection narrates a similar story. MASKS is a collection of 6,500 generative masks inspired by the Spanish actor’s physical artworks. Partnering with Krew Studio, they bridged the gap between physical and digital art and brought the masks into the metaverse. 

The MASKS NFT drop is set to be on 16th January 2022 at 20:00 UTC on their official site The complete collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The first hour of minting will be reserved for whitelisted members and Raini holders before giving the public access to mint. The MASKS NFTs will be divided into two pools:

  • Raini Pool: 1500 masks reserved for Unicorn Pool (500 masks priced at 150 Unicorn per NFT) and Rainbow Pool (1,000 masks priced at 1,500 Rainbow or 150 Unicorn per NFT). There are 2 NFT per wallet and 4 NFT per wallet limitations in the respective pools. 
  • Public Pool: 5,000 masks available to anyone for minting at 0.08 ETH per NFT. In the public pool, there is no wallet limitation.

You will be able to use MASKS across multiple platforms as an official metaverse accessory. Apart from using it as an accessory, if you own a MASKS NFT, you will also qualify for Jordi Molla’s latest books in the form of NFTs and many such perks in the future. With just one MASKS NFT, you can get access to Paul Fisher Galleries and even private events organized by Jordi Molla himself!

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