ACME Labs Collaborates With Chuck Jones Gallery To Launch Lost Wrabbit NFT

Ayush Pande

Metaverse marketplace and community ACME Labs announced their partnership with Chuck Jones Gallery and Hedera to release the limited edition Lost Wrabbit NFT that will come with a Fine Art Print. 

The NFT is based on an original character created by Chuck Jones, the legendary animator best known for his animated shorts of Looney Toons starring fan-favorites Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wild E. Coyote and the Road Runner, among other characters.

The Lost Wrabbit was created by Chuck Jones in the 1980s and has been rediscovered after more than 40 years. ACME Labs claims that this lost character will be brought to the metaverse and designed in a modern perspective suited for the 2020s by Ben Olson, an artist with Chuck Jones Gallery.

How Can I Get A Lost Wrabbit NFT?

ACME Labs is currently giving a chance for users to earn a free NFT and a fine art print by registering on their platform.

Furthermore, ACME Labs plans to provide attendees who visit Sparks Gallery a second chance to win a limited edition Lost Wrabbit NFT during the San Diego Comic-Con that will be held from July 21 to July 24. The prize draw will take place on or around July 29, and the winners will be notified via email by August 1.

Minted on the Hedera blockchain, ACME Labs plans to launch the Lost Wrabbit NFTs sometime in Q4 2022.

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