5 Ukrainian NFT Artists You Can Support Right Now

Bishal Kumar Chanda

As Russia wages war on Ukraine, the NFT community has been extremely supportive of the Ukrainian artists and the common people affected by the war. During this crisis, NFTs have proven themselves to be more than just images. It is a large family where members look out for each other and try to give back something to the community. In this article, NiftyHype has selected some of the finest Ukrainian NFT artists, whom you can support and show solidarity in these dark times.

Several NFT artists, projects, marketplaces and platforms have shown tremendous support in terms of fundraising through DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and donations. Currently, there is overwhelming support and spotlighting for Ukrainian artists. However, please remember that this list is far from exhaustive and in no way a representation of individuals most deserving of support or recognition. All artists deserve to be featured equally, but that is an impossible task to do. The list is also not ordered in any particular way, so please do not read it as rankings.

Everyone in the wider crypto community is doing what they can to help out the people of Ukraine. The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin himself, has shown support for Ukraine, saying,” Reminder: Ethereum is neutral, but I am not.” Recently, Ukraine’s official Twitter account announced accepting cryptocurrency donations, and so far, the community has raised over $13 million. As a sign of solidarity, we are highlighting five Ukrainian NFT artists.

1. Lavhanna_art

Lavhanna_art or Anna is a Ukrainian artist from Kharkiv who highlights women in her beautiful artworks. She describes the world as a “place where I open my soul and let my imagination run wild”. With a unique portrait style, she has created an impressive collection of artwork. Currently, this talented artist has 18 NFTs for sale on the OpenSea marketplace, and you can get one for as low as 0.1 ETH.

2. Irina Chuzh

Irina is the LIZZIE BENNETT NFT collection creator, which was greatly inspired by Elizabeth Bennett’s character from Pride and Prejudice. Irina is a Ukrainian artist from Kyiv, and her NFT collection is a glorious example of self-control, devotion to family, feminine dignity, readiness, and loyalty to herself. The collection features 333 photo art cards of equally beautiful and artistic women. The collection is available on OpenSea, and you can purchase one for 0.08 ETH.

3. Vsevolod Vospitannik

Vsevolod Vospitannik, the Ukrainian artist, is already making waves in the NFT space at the young age of 17 years. The young NFT artist recently launched his first NFT collection, the Turkeys Megaverse, a colourful generative art project. The collection comprises 7,777 NFTs in total, and this is only the start for this passionate artist. If you want to see much more from Vsevold in the future, you can support him by buying one of his Turkeys Megaverse NFTs from the OpenSea marketplace.

4. Anastasiia Pertseva

The digital artist going by the name of Pertseva has recently launched an incredible collection called Puellae. The collection comprises 100 NFTs representing women from various backgrounds, and you can purchase one of them for 0.09 ETH on OpenSea. You can also check out the collection based on the artwork itself, which is quite distinctive.

5. Stazquez

Stazquez is a digital artist from Kyiv, Ukraine, creating paintings from a single specimen. So far, the futuristic art collection only has 18 pieces, but the artist is updating it regularly on OpenSea. Available only at 0.02 ETH right now, the project is growing rapidly along with its popularity.

If you want to find more Ukrainian artists to support, MakersPlace will be highlighting them for the next few weeks or months. You can also check out the numerous tweets and lists circulating online. However, be careful of opportunists trying to take advantage of the crisis by pretending to be Ukrainian. You should only donate and invest in verified or doxxed artists and avoid anonymous ones. Other options of donation include the UkraineDAO and Red Cross Ukraine. You can contribute significantly to Ukraine through these artists, projects, and platforms. 

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