5 Best NFT Games for 2022 & Beyond

Azfar Khan

There is a steady increase in revenue generated in the NFT gaming sector. According to Statista, 956.52 million dollars were generated in this sector in 2021. 

To find out which NFT games may dominate in 2022, go through this listicle: 


Decentraland is a virtual reality game existing on the Ethereum blockchain where gamers create their own content, applications, and games on a virtual piece of land represented by an NFT. 

This three dimensional plot is divided into smaller pieces called parcels which are 33 feet long and 33 feet wide each.  People identify their parcels using Cartesian coordinates X and Y.

The landowners can further subdivide the land into districts meant for specific communities that deal with certain content such as crypto trading. Alternatively, the landowner can also create LAND estates which are bigger than parcels. In fact, an Estate comprises several parcels which are adjacent to each other.

An estate is suitable for creating large environments which cover spaces larger than parcels.  

Apart from creating games and communities in the land, people can also use it for offering various services such as tourism, educational activities, gambling, or  3D scenes. 

In addition, Decentraland allows people to interact with each other virtually as it has modern communication features enabling instant messaging and voice chats. In order to do this, the users use their avatars. 

Since Decentraland is a play-to-earn game, people generate revenue through the content, games, and applications they create. 

Basically, the landowner owns and controls the various content in his/her land such as in-game assets, games, applications, and other environments. 

Decentraland has two tokens with MANA being one of them. People use MANA, an Erc20 token, to buy LAND and in-game assets. It also has an NFT, LAND, which represents the piece of land the user owns. All in all, we can call it a marketplace where people trade the tokens and in-game assets. 

Decentraland has been on a growth trajectory as shown by the market capitalization for the period of 2017 to 2021.


Sandbox is a metaverse gaming platform allowing people to generate revenue from their gaming experience. They earn from creating, owning, and selling various digital assets. In  fact, it’s a community centred around a gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain where users create digital content represented by NFTs. 

It has three integrated products which enable the users to create fun, enjoy the fantasy, and generate revenue. The three products are VoxEdit, Game Maker and the Marketplace. 

VoxEdit is a 3D voxel modeling tool used for creating NFTs and other 3D objects. As a result, gamers can create different 3 dimensional objects such as human beings and animals. 

The Game Maker is a feature which enables people to create their own 3D games for free. 

As this process doesn’t require high level skills such as coding, ordinary persons can easily create their own games. The last product is the marketplace where users can buy and sell various assets. 

Sandbox has various digital assets which include some tokens such as LAND. It also has  Estates, Gems, and Catalysts. In this scenario, LAND is the core asset where people can make their own creations such as games and other assets. There are a total of 166,464 LANDS, each one measuring 96 metres by 96 metres. 

The other digital assets are the GEMS and Catalysts which define the tier and the scarcity of other digital assets comprising the Sandbox ecosystem. 

The other assets which users can own and trade are SAND, LAND, and  various assets. 

SAND is the Sandbox’s internal token developed on the Ethereum network. People use it to buy the various digital assets they need to play the game.   

Sandbox experienced a massive growth in 2021, showing a promising future.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game in which players get rewards for their gaming experience and effort. The main in-game assets are the Axies which are fierce creatures that players use in battles. In fact, the players collect, breed, and raise these Axies. 

Through breeding, the players aim to come up with the creatures which have the qualities they want as they enable them to win battles. In addition, the players are able to sell the Axies to generate income. Indeed, the Axie Infinity ecosystem is a player owned economy because people can buy, own, and sell the resources they obtain during the course of the game. 

The players get much of their resources through playing games, For example, when players win games they earn the coveted Love Portion Tokens (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard tokens (AXIS), which they can sell in the marketplace. 

In addition, all the game resources and other items exist in the form of tokens which people can trade in the marketplace. For instance, the Axie homeland, Lunacia is demarcated into tokenized pieces of land with homes and spaces for operations or battles. Notably, among the resources which the players can get in their tokenized plots are the internal tokens, AXS. 

The resources available in the land are essential for making upgrades for the land or Axies. This is because the land barons have the right to all the resources found in the plots. 

In the real-time player-to-environment games (PvE), players will fight the monsters called Chimera that terrorize Lunacia. During these battles, Chimera drops vital resources that the land owners collect. 

Axie Infinity’s native token, AXS, is based on the ethereum blockchain. Players can earn AXS when playing the game or generate their unique content. The holders of AXS can stake them and earn rewards as well as participating in the DAO governance. Overall, AXS works as the internal currency of the Axie Infinity economy.  

The 2021 figures show that Axie Infinity is on a growth path. Although the figures are for a fairly short time, it indicates an astronomical growth in its user-base, a trend we expect to continue in 2022 and beyond. 

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a gaming metaverse based on the Ethereum, Binance, and Wax networks with an in-game currency called Trilium (TLM). 

There are many planets within the Alien Worlds metaverse which get a daily share of TLM from the central smart chain. All the planets are independent, having their own tokens and Uls. 

The main task of the explorers is to acquire land and mine in it. Each of the planets has different rewards for the gamers. There are several activities which the players engage in as they mine in the planets. First, they select the planet to mine and acquire land either by purchasing or renting. In case of renting, the player share some of the rewards earned. 

Once the player has the land, he/she should acquire the right tools to use in the mining process. 

Although the basic tool is a shovel, users may acquire two more to make them three. 

By the way, the land is an NFT Game Card which is connected to a specific planet. More specifically, the NFT game card represents ownership of the land. There are 20 types of parcels such as islands, Tree forests, and plains with different values. 

At times, the explorers engage in wars where they use minions. These minions have different attributes which include capacity to attack and defend. Many minions usually get into battles such as Battle Royale where the overall winner gets some rewards. 

As a matter of fact, there are different tokens and digital assets in Alien Worlds which include Trilium, the native token, and NFTs at six different levels namely abundant, common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical. 

Although the players can purchase NFTs of different levels from the Federation, they need to shine them using Trilium to meet the standards they expect. 

Alien Worlds has a steady user-base for a long period, showing its dominance in the gaming sector. 

Alien Worlds users and price 2021 | Statista

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play trading card game which gives the players complete ownership and control of the in-game items. The core activities of the game include collecting rare cards, building the deck, and selling the cards to other users or players. 

This is a competitive game where the player aims to outsmart his/her opponents through building decks in a strategic manner to suit various tactics.


Players can select and participate in the game modes of their choices which include Solo and Constructed Mode. With the Solo Mode, the player competes against the computer while with the Constructed Mode one plays against individuals online. The Solo Mode equips the player with the right skills as he/she learns how to play the game at his/her own pace. 

The third mode is the Ranked Constructed where the player competes with real people and at the same time earns valuable prizes such as Flux for card crafting. More interestingly, this mode enables the players to gain higher ranks based on their performances. Currently, players can also participate in the Weekend Ranked Tournament where there are various prizes.

The cards are an important asset in the game. When an individual joins the gaming platform, he/she gets a total of 140 cards to cater for all the six gods. 

The player acquires another allotment of cards useful to spice up the first deck. However, he/she gets more cards after trading some of his/he cards. 

Some of the recently introduced cards are not available for trading. Gods Unchained has many users, showing that it is a game of the moment. 

Gods Unchained Boosts User Base 150% in 30 Days

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