30 NBA Top Shot NFTs Auctioned, Including VIP Passes

Bishal Kumar Chanda

NBA Top Shot, the collaborative project between Dapper Labs and National Basketball Association (NBA), announced the auction of 30 new NFTs. Each of these 30 NFTs represents each NBA team and grants each owner VIP access to the next five NBA All-stars. In addition to the 30 NFTs, there would also be a giveaway where one lucky fan can win an additional NFT All-star VIP Pass representing the NBA itself. However, the giveaway is only for US or Canada based fans with an existing or new NBA Top Shot account. Additionally, during certain games, fans would get the chance to win by scanning an exclusive QR code that grants extra access to the giveaway. The results of the giveaway will be made known on March 8.

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The NBA Top Shot is one of the most high-profile NFT successes based on the Flow Blockchain. It belongs to the initial hype for blockchain-based art that became the buzzword for 2021. The NFTs in this collection are digital trading cards that focus on highlights instead of individual players. With the upcoming release, the team has also listed several perks for the owners of these 30 new All-Stars VIP Passes. All the All-Stars VIP Pass owners can access the All-Star schedule via a virtual panel, starting from the NBA All-Star 2023 in Salt Lake City. 

Owners will also get an exclusive invitation to an NFT reception and participate in a personalized All-Star itinerary with VIP support. Other perks include two tickets for NBA All-Star games and the All-Star Saturday Night. The events include AT&T Slam Dunk Contest, Taco Bell Skills Challenge and the Mountain Dew 3-Point Contest. Last but not least, fans with these special NFTs can get a shootaround with any NBA legend on the NBA All-Star court. It also comes with an NBA All-Star jersey and NBA All-Star Game's on-court photo.

Any user can participate in the auction of the 30 special NBA Top Shot NFTs. Beginning on February 23 at 8 PM ET, one NFT will be auctioned every day. NBA divisions will be organizing the launches, and fans can bid on each NFT for seven days after launch. So are you ready to get your hands on a special NBA Top Shot NFT?

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