0xNumbers: Italian Play-To-Earn Game Debuts on Polygon

Bishal Kumar Chanda

In recent years, blockchain technologies like NFT and Web3 are making their way into our everyday life and radically transforming them. From artists to entrepreneurs, NFTs have changed how we perceive most current professions and industries. One such industry that has been dramatically impacted by NFTs is the gaming industry. So sit tight as we take you through the newest sensation on the blockchain, 0xNumbers!

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0xNumbers is the first NFT collection that is solely based on numbers. The collection has a dynamic supply of NFTs representing numbers starting from 1 to 222, with NFT having as many copies as the number represented on it. So the total number of NFTs in the collection sums up to 24753 pieces, with the rarest being #1 and the most common being #222. The minting date is set to be on February 22, with a public minting cost of 0.01 ETH. Although 0xNumbers will be fundamentally on the Polygon blockchain, you can transport the NFTs to Ethereum blockchain using the bridge provided on their website. 

Every 0xNumber holder can boost their number by using the boost process. It involves burning another NFT and paying a boosting fee. The boosting cost is variable, and it increases as your 0xNumber gets closer to #1, and it decreases if the number burned is more relative to your number. So refer to the number, higher the share of boosting fee received by the holder. But the project is not just about numbers. While all the NFTs will look the same during mint, holders will get the option to customize the background at every boost. The 0xNumber team collaborates with various artists from the NFT space to create a customized #111 series for the holders. 

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Participating in the 0xNumbers project is like being a part of a new ecosystem. However, luck will play an essential role in this game as you need to be lucky to mint a number in the top 50. The top 50 numbers sum up to a total of 1275, which is just 5% of the enormous collection. However, there is also the concept of earning passive income through burning tokens. So you can either play to get to the top of the ecosystem, or just stay on the map earning passive income.

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